HD surveillance allows you to monitor your premises in crystal clear clarity, while also making identification of perpetrators a far simpler task. Our team are on hand to carry out free surveys of your property to assess your needs before providing you with a no obligation quote within 24 hours.

Crystal Clear Images, 24/7

HD Security Cameras & IP Network Security Cameras can be installed easily to give you high class images. Fixed and Pan Tilt cameras can be used to get video evidence & lead to convictions.

The most Efficient and proven way of deterring an intruder or burglar from targeting your home or business is to have a visible Wireless Alarm or wired alarm system installed. Just Having an alarm box on show on the external wall can be a deterrent but that is not not going to stop most determined burglars, so it will need to be accompanied by sensor lights and possibly a CCTV camera which will give more complete shield of security for your property and grounds. I will give you the vast benefit of my security installation experience and can do site visits to plan the best security shield for you.

For Alarm installation Altrincham why not get a quick quote

If you are worried when leaving your commercial premises or home empty for an extended period of time we can install a state of the art camera connected to your Wi-Fi, which will inform you if anyone enters your grounds. For CCTV installation click the link

Security Lighting

Security lighting is all about lighting up the area and not allowing anyone the opportunity to hide unseen in a dark and secluded area.

We can supply and install many types of security lights with different wattage levels and with and without PIR detectors.

We can also supply and install garden lighting which along with looking nice it also adds to the security for the above reasons.

Professional Installation

City & Guilds professional Alarm and CCTV Installation Engineers.

Our installers will set up your system for you and ensure it's working correctly. Update the system firmware and advise you on how to access your system.

For help and advice with any lighting please give us a call, as we can cover security lighting in Bolton, Manchester and all surrounding areas. The combination of Burglar alarm and CCTV camera is in most cases enough deterrent for intruders in Altrincham. Whichever system we recommend, I only fit the best quality Burglar alarms, CCTV cameras and offer total security at a very low installation cost.