Introducing the BeWarm Heating Plan in partnership with EHS

Take the hassle out of your heating and say goodbye to costly home boiler emergencies with the BeWarm Heating Plan, brought to you by EHS.

Who is the BeWarm Heating Plan for?

The BeWarm Heating Plan is available on new gas boiler installations for domestic homeowners and landlords who: How does the BeWarm Heating Plan work?
  1. Contact EHS for a survey. Alongside your regular quote, you'll be sent a link to your personal BeWarm Heating Plan quote for your chosen boiler.

  2. Complete a simple 2-minute online application and you'll receive a BeWarm agreement to review and sign online.

  3. EHS will install your new boiler, and BeWarm will get in touch to check you're satisfied with the job.

  4. There's no upfront cost, just a monthly direct debit payment that covers servicing and maintenance for the boiler's lifetime.

  5. EHS will regularly service the boiler at no additional cost, so you can rest assured that your boiler's running efficiently and safely.
Contact EHS for your free survey and no obligation BeWarm Heating Plan quote.